I've designed my site in the first person. This may seem somewhat insignificant, but it highlights
one of the distinctive advantages I enjoy over larger design firms and advertising agencies.

At their core, branding, marketing, and design are all exercises in problem solving, and it only makes sense
to work directly with the person who can deliver solutions rather than with a sales person who must
then (hopefully, accurately) relay your needs and desires to someone else.
When you hire me, you will always work directly with me.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

The most important component of your business or organization's is your logo.
Many companies make the mistake of not investing in quality logo design, and instead, just have a sign-maker create their logo.
After all, the sign guy will do it at no extra charge. "No extra charge" is your clue. This is one of those times in life when you truly do get what you pay for. Designing a logo requires much more than just choosing a typeface and some colors.

Advertising & Printed Materials

In a tough economy, promoting your brand through advertising and marketing materials is essential.
And identifying the best way separate your business from your competition is crucial. Your advertisements,
brochures, catalogs, menus, apparel, and merchandise should all be constantly working
in concert to form and promote your brand.

Signage and Point of Purchase Materials

Drawing customers to your business and keeping them engaged requires design that works
on several levels. Successful signage should promote your brand as well as market your products and services.
Sign-makers (like newspapers and other publications) offer "free" design services, but beware,
their expertise lies in the manufacture of signage, not design.

Web Design

Anyone can make their own website, but if you want to make sure your site doesn't just blend in with your competitors',
you need to have an original site designed to separate you from the rest of the pack. Whether your goal is simply to drive
traffic to your business or sell products exclusively online, I can design (desktop, mobile, and social media)
sites for you which will generate sales and maximize your brand.

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Your online presence must speak to your audience in a way which distinguishes
you from your competition and turns viewers into customers.

Brand success begins with a logo which conveys the heart of your business. Every logo design is the result
of client meetings, market research, and more than 30 years of professional design experience.

Successful promotional print materials, targeted to your market audience, quickly capture

attention and then communicate your message in a clean, concise design.

 Effective signage can direct, inform, and market to both new and repeat customers.
It should work to introduce and market products or services while also reinforcing your brand,
and ever changing in-store signs and slide shows keep your customer experience fresh.

Branding, marketing, and design is problem solving. A successful brand begins with a distinctive, effective logo. Marketing materials should all work in concert to promote your brand. Good design promotes the brand but never overshadows it. Well designed signage and point of purchase materials act as effective advertising to help generate sales. Your online presence is the heart of your brand.

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